IJCRH Edition No.1

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NO.1 MARCH 2008

ISSN: 0855-9740


1. Kari Dako and Philip Arthur Gborsong – Yes, Sir, Boss: The Use of Lexical Forms in Signalling Social Status in the English Language Discourse of the Members of the University of Cape Coast Community

2. Saviour Nathan A. Agoro – The Theme of Marital Disharmony in Ama Ata Aidoo’s The Dilemma of a Ghost and The Sweet Trap by ‘Zulu Sofola

3. Isaiah Bariki – Translation in Power Play

4. Eldred Ibibiem Green – Morality and the Beggars’ Question in Ousmane Sembene’s Xala and Aminata Sow Fall’s The Beggars’ Strike

5. A.E.Anigala – The Mystical Contest in J.P. Clark’s Ozidi

6. Osakue Stevenson Omoera and Charles O.Aluede – The Imagination String in Art, Theatre and Life

7. C.M.Sorgwe – Prospects and Constraints of Oral Sources in the Niger Delta: An Advocacy for Interdisciplinary Co-operation

8. O Jason Osai – Food Security as Food for Thought : A Necessary Consciousness for Public Policy in the Third World